Computers West is the parent organization of four user groups: the PC User Group, the MacsWest User Group, the Linux User Group and the Flight Sim Group. It is a social and technology club whose members share information and experiences about computers and have fun doing so. Members of Computers West can get individualized help with computer problems at the club. 
The PC User Group provides provides repair and maintenance functions for PCs as well as help for Android phones and tablets.  
The MacsWest group deals with all things Apple.  They offer training and help with Apple computers, phones and tablets as well as their associated software,  
The Linux group helps people who want to run the LINUX Operating System and its associated applications.  
The Flight Simulator group utilizes hardware and software to simulate flying airplanes. 
Fellow members provide these services and instruction.  Computers West is “Open to Club Members and their accompanied guests!”.  To fully participate in our club activities, members must hold a SCW Recreational Card and pay yearly dues.  Guests may attend up to 4 meetings/events per year and must be accompanied and overseen by a club member in good standing, 
Normal Club hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Palm Ridge Computer Room.  These hours may be modified due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  Please check the “Computers West“ tab and chose the “Detailed Web Site” for current information.